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  • How to Maintain Gold-plated Jewelry When It Fades?

    1. If the gold-plated jewelry is not worn for a long time, it must be wiped clean with a soft cloth to avoid sweat stains on the jewelry and cause corrosion, and then put it in a sealed bag or box to isolate the air to prevent the jewelry from oxidizing and turning yellow and black. 2.Don’t...
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  • Will the Gold-plated Jewelry Fade?

    Gold-plated jewelry is a very common decoration. Whether it is usually or on some important festivals, people will wear gold-plated jewelry on their bodies. Through the color of gold-plated, they also appear to be extremely shiny. When we often go to jewelry stores to buy gold-plated products, we...
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  • New Arrivals

    I still have these last few cuban butterfly necklace and cz earrings sets for girl Perfect for a Valentine gift Affordable wholesale price Fully stocked Lowest MOQ Fastest shipping The main metal:brass Plated material: Rhodium and 18K gold The main stone:5A zirconia (cz stone) Characteri...
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